First Outage at Energy from Waste Plant

Client: MVV Umwelt

Location: Plymouth 

Project: Energy from waste first plant outage

Service: Access



The Devonport Energy from Waste plant became operational on the 10th September 2015 following its 3 year construction phase.  When commissioning and warranty periods came to an end at the end of 2016, Denholm Industrial Services secured plant maintenance for a two-year period, which would also include two outages. The first outage was programmed for October 2017 and would last for three weeks.


The Challenge

MVV had to be confident that access operations would be undertaken safely, to programme and in line with their requirements. A lot of the required scaffolding had not been constructed before and therefore pre-designed solutions did not exist.  Denholm Industrial Services' operational team worked closely with MVV and Optima Design of Bristol to come up with the designed solutions based on the AUTOcad drawings available.


The Solution

Denholm Industrial Services used BIM modelling software, traditional design skills and the operational experience of the team to come up with a new fit-for-purpose scaffolding solution. Construction began in July 2017 - three months prior to the start of the first outage - having identified those jobs that could be constructed prior to the outage and would have no impact on plant operations.

The solution designed by Denholm Industrial Services would see the first boiler pass constructed in a record breaking 15 hours, with the second and third passes then following 24 and 36 hours respectively.  The majority of supporting scaffolding tasks were undertaken using traditional tube and fitting.  The main access scaffolds were constructed from heavy duty Cuplok scaffold for quickness and minimal component use.

Each team of operatives had a lead charge-hand who reported into the contracts supervisor.  The contracts supervisor prioritised all emergent day and night tasks, as well as all planned works that had been known about and identified before the outage.

All material quantities were worked out before the outage.  Material was then delivered as it was asked for, enabling loads to be picked and sorted and any shortages rectified and ready to go days before their allotted time.


Good teamwork and customer relationships enabled this outage to run smoothly.  Denholm Industrial Services is ready for the second outage in June 2018.