Canford Road Bridge Strengthening

Client: Carillion Limited

Location: Wimborne, Dorset

Project: Canford Road Bridge temporary pedestrian roadway

Service: Access



Canford Road Bridge, Wimborne, is an historical structure that required strengthening works to bring it up to date and prevent is being closed to traffic. This would have caused major problems for getting into and out of the historic market town of Wimborne Minster in the middle of Dorset. Carillion was tasked with strengthening the bridge.



The Challenge

Being an approved scaffold supplier for Carillion, Denholm Industrial Services developed a scheme that would enable the road to be closed and works to be undertaken unhindered, while allowing pedestrians to walk from one side of the river to the other along the bridge profile.  The scaffold design had to take a public loading of 5kN per metre square and remain in place for 40 weeks.  The scaffold was constructed in a river and over a flood plain and had to be designed to resist a 1-in-100-year flood - with people still walking across it!


The Solution

The designed solution incorporated the very strong 750mm deep libra beam and resin bolted to the stonework.  Steel deflecting cladding was incorporated at the scour point to 2 metres out of the water to deflect any passing trees that may have been swept downstream as result of a flood. In the end the scaffold was over 140 metres long and had a finished surface that was at least as strong as the footway that had been in existence on the bridge for many years.