Vox Studios Office Fit-Out

Client: HG Construction Ltd

Location: Vox Studios, Central London

Project: Four-storey office refurbishment

Service: Floor surface preparation



The contracted works were to provide the surface preparation of 1700m2 by removing 3mm of adhesive and latex on four floors ready for a clean seal to be applied by other contractors.


The Challenge

Denholm Industrial Services understands that construction timeframes are critical, particularly in Central London.  Shortening the programme of works effectively can increase the value of our service to our clients, in this case HG Construction.

The main construction project was set for office fit-outs in the centre of London in a high net worth area.  Our key considerations were the quality of the work provided in a timely manner to satisfy the floor finishing contractor.  

Denholm Industrial Services had the long-standing challenge of expediting our work while strictly adhering to both Denholm Industrial Service’s stringent health and safety procedures and the site-specific requirements of HG Construction.


The Solution

HG Construction engaged Denholm Industrial Services at the pre-planning stage and the contracts managers of both organisations worked collaboratively, combining their considerable knowledge to propose a new method of operation.

They agreed to bring forward the surface preparation element earlier in the contract programme.  This allowed unimpeded access to the whole floor without the complications of divided spaces that the internal partition walls would have caused.

Preparing one open area as opposed to sectioned office rooms allowed the Denholm operatives to complete the project faster and eradicated the potential of any accidental damage caused to finished surfaces.




The benefits secured by the client included significant cost savings in surface preparation and reduced operative and project manager manhours.  

Engaging Denholm Industrial Services early in the construction phasing ensured the programme of works was followed without hold-ups or other trades causing stalled progression.