Warehouse Safety Improvements

Client: Flo-Dek (UK) Ltd

Location: Dunns (Long Sutton) Ltd Warehousing, Spalding, Lincolnshire

Project: Create non-slip flooring zones

Service: Floor surface preparation



This project was managed at the operational warehouse site in Lincoln.  The contracted works were to provide the surface preparation of 300 m2 with a heavy shot blast on a smooth concrete floor to make it slip-resistant in 10 loading bays.


The Challenge

The existing surface had been laid with a smooth painted finish which did not support the operational requirements of the warehouse.  The smooth floor finish caused the fork lift trucks to slide in wet conditions into both the stock and the vehicles being loaded, creating considerable headaches for the client in lost stock, vehicle repair bills and, most importantly, health and safety risks.

The client wanted a non-slip surface that would prevent the vehicles sliding and minimise the risks of operatives falling or slipping during loading times.

The site was operational and so minimal disruption had to be considered in the proposal.

The programming of the bays by the operations director from Dunns became critical in ensuring loading bays became free as they were required.  The speed at which we proposed to work made this dialogue crucial in minimising downtime for Dunns.  


The Solution

Engaging Denholm Industrial Services at the design stage allowed the contracts managers of both Flo-Dek and Denholm Industrial Services to proactively work together, combining their extensive knowledge to propose the optimum solution to Dunns Warehousing.  

Denholm Industrial Services ran a test patch to demonstrate that a medium surface blast would be sufficient and that further treatments or protections would not be required on the exposed surface.

Open and continuous dialogue with the operations director from Dunns and Denholm Industrial Service’s project manager ensured loading bays became free as they were required and would ensure minimal down time for all operations.



Denholm Industrial Services undertook a medium shot blast of 10 loading bays.  This exposed coarse stone which provided a non-slip surface in both wet and dry conditions.

Significant cost savings for Dunns were achieved because no resin surface coating had to be laid.  The newly revealed surface is fit-for-purpose for expected to last between 8 and 10 years, at which time another surface blast will be required to remove the impacted rubber from the vehicle wheels.

Because Denholm Industrial Services took a consultative approach on site, the project was completed within seven hours and without any disturbance or disruption to the client.

The solution saved the client considerable capital cost, time, inconvenience and reduced future maintenance costs.