Denholm Industrial Services has an excellent knowledge of coatings and application methods.  We pride ourselves on being one of the very best in our field.  


We understand that our clients need to ensure that the right protective coating is applied to their assets in the correct manner. This is crucial in making sure their asset is properly protected.

We always begin a project by ensuring we properly understand our client's needs and the challenges that any given environment will provide. This allows us to choose the right coating, tailor our preparation and ensure it is properly applied.

To choose the best performing system we evaluate how harsh or corrosive the operating environment will be and how long the coating needs to protect.

We use a variety of different systems including:

  • Epoxies, alkyds and urethanes
  • Anti-fouling
  • Non-skid deck systems
  • Glass flake systems
  • Intumescent and cementitious systems
  • Specialist tank linings
  • Solvent-free epoxies
  • Chemical resistant coating systems

Sound working knowledge of each system is needed, especially if a two-pack coating system is applied, as its consistency and time to cure can alter.

To maximise performance and crucially, to meet our stringent health and safety standards, we also assess the environment in which we apply the coating system, such as the level of confinement and ambient surroundings.

Consistently on projects, our teams score top marks for their work when reviewed by our clients. The pride we take in getting such feedback only drives us to do better and to continue our mantra of "right first time".  We know that protective coatings, properly applied, will minimise the through-life maintenance our clients will need to undertake on their assets.