Floor Surface Preparation

Floor surface preparation is critical in guaranteeing surface coating durability. 


Drawing on our extensive experience, we carry out the best method to strip, clean and profile internal and external man-made floor surfaces so that the coating application performs at its best.  Dust and debris is controlled through closed-circuit technology.

We work with most ground, floor and deck materials including steel, wood, concrete and asphalt and the myriad of coatings that may have been previously applied.

Our technologies include:

  • Shot blasting
  • Diamond grinding
  • Scabbling
  • Concrete shaving
  • Tile lifting and floor stripping
  • Diamond concrete floor polishing

The thickness of the original surface layer that we remove varies depending on its existing condition and the coating to be applied. We often remove original surface layers up to 20mm, while sometimes we only skim a minimum layer of original material to achieve the specified finish.  This is ideal for car park refurbishments or office re-fits, where floor surfaces are relatively thin.

The escape of dust, debris and other particles is minimised. We use closed circuit machinery for safe and clean indoor and outdoor surface preparation.