Metal Surface Preparation

Precise surface preparation is crucial in achieving the right results. 


At Denholm Industrial Services we know that the way in which metal surfaces are prepared impacts the performance of the protective coating that’s applied after preparation.

Operating environments dictate surface preparation methods. A corrosive environment like salt water needs a robust protective coating that lasts several years – and the quality of metal surface preparation will impact the performance of the coating.

Steel, copper, aluminium, bronze: the physical hardness or softness of the metal also determines the material and method we use to remove corrosive elements and prepare the metal for coating:

  • Open abrasive blasting
  • Closed abrasive blasting
  • Bead blasting
  • HP and UHP water blasting
  • All forms of mechanical preparation

Denholm Industrial Services carries out surface preparation on many different structures, including the internal tanks of a submarine, a ship's hull or the metal frame of a crane. We know that each unique environment and application requires a tailored solution and that is what we provide for our clients.

We ensure our rigorous standards are always met. Our ICORR qualified inspectors check each stage of all metal surface preparation projects to ensure we deliver excellence.